domingo, 5 de septiembre de 2010

El Árbol De La Muerte

Los nervios destrozados
y los miedos húmedos,
y el pelo suelto
de una niña
que nunca ha vuelto...

Me mata el sueño
que en la noche me atrapa,
como pájaros enloquecidos
sobre el árbol de la muerte...


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Image by Katie S. Atkinson

Soundtrack: Flock Of Soul - Cocteau Twins

Whispers she softly, sweet songs in the bed of dreams:
No answer, sweet song light
Sing? I'd love to
to sunlight, a song in the bed of dreams
Cover me in Sublime light, with tingles
Sing, and touch me
With sad lust and revealing dreams
Your song light will touch me

Sing nice body, passing through and over me
So find me, come and answer me
We find it deep, this, my minute, friend
Not long before the wisps of starlight,
meet the sunrise thru the window (shining)
From outside, come in to toss me.
Come back now, to find the sunlight.

Come back now, put sunlight on, oh
Be with me and dream, it's my minute, friend
Come feel the deep
It's love in a floodlight
Come feel the deep
It's love in a flood

Ahhhh ahhhh oohhhh
Ooohhh ahhh ahhhhh

Sing and touch light, satisfying me
The sunlight will touch me
Sing as from me, pass it over me, sublime me and I'll... come back to you.